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Code of Conduct


The purpose of this code of conduct is to promote behavior that honors the Lord. We require all 8-12 grade students to review and sign an Integrity Covenant as a part of the application process and yearly thereafter, agreeing to what is outlined below. As a group of Christian families, our witness to others, both in word and action, is very important. “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father” (Colossians 3:17). HHSW’s code of conduct is rooted in its sincerely held beliefs and is consistent with the following: The ten commandments (Ex. 20:2-17), and the greatest commandment as stated by Jesus Christ (Matt. 22:37-40). Hallstrom families are expected to become familiar with and abide by the standards outlined in this policy to reflect Biblical standards, values and character.


- All students will be held responsible for their actions and shall conduct themselves in keeping with their level of maturity, showing regard for established authority and the rights and welfare of others.

- We ask that students seek excellence, be honest, use clean speech, and be courteous and kind to all.

- All students in the building are required to attend Chapel at 10:00 a.m. each Tuesday. In Chapel, you will have an opportunity to worship the Lord, hear a Biblical message, pray with fellow students and parents, and hear important announcements. No cell phone use is allowed during Chapel.

- Students are not to use threatening language toward a teacher, board member, adult or student. If a student has a grievance that he or she would like to talk about, that student is welcome to meet with board members in person, and he or she shall communicate in a respectful way.

- If a student has a free period, he/she can go to Fellowship Hall, the Study Hall in the cafe, or outside with an adult. Crosspoint Church and Hallstrom do not allow students to roam the building or grounds unattended while classes are in session.

- Any defacing or graffiti on Crosspoint Church property is grounds for immediate dismissal.

- Any student found with possession of any type of weapon, firearm, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will be expelled.

- Respectful language must be used at Hallstrom and all Hallstrom sponsored events. Inappropriate language or behavior should be brought to the attention of one of the Board members or event chaperones immediately.

- Permission is not given to use Hallstrom’s name, abbreviation, or logos on any social media platform without written consent from the board of directors.

-Hallstrom student council events are hosted by student council officers and are for student council members. Student council members are students who attend one or more class(es) on a Tuesday at Crosspoint Church. Some events are open to other homeschoolers in the area when indicated.


Students must wear modest and appropriate clothing at Hallstrom, including all Hallstrom events that are not within our normal class sessions. The goal of our dress code is two-fold: clothing that is modest and clothing that does not distract from an academic atmosphere. We do not strive for conformity but rather unity emphasizing flexibility. Consequently, we have a dress code rather than a non-flexible expensive uniform requirement. It is the responsibility of each student to follow the dress code. It is the responsibility of each parent to be sure his/her student complies with the dress code every week. The Board commits to do our diligence in fairly enforcing the dress code. Whether students and parents agree with every part of the dress code, adherence is ultimately a heart issue. Parents, while you are not required to adhere to the dress code, please hold yourselves to these standards or higher. We need all parents to cooperate in upholding this policy as set forth by the Board and agreed upon by you, the parents, when becoming a member of HHSW.

Clothing - All Students K-12

- Tops - solid color polo (no midriff visible) or Hallstrom produced/related shirt

- Pants - solid color denim or khaki material (no writing or patterns, rips or tears)

- Knee-length shorts for ladies and gentlemen – solid color denim or khaki material (no writing or patterns)

- For ladies - Skirts and Dresses with collar and sleeves, solid color and to the knee (solid color leggings may be worn under skirts or dresses)

- Zip or button up solid color sweatshirt or sweater may be worn unfastened over the required shirt

- Only FIRE or Hallstrom produced hoodies may be worn, which means a solid-colored hoodie or crew neck shirt is not allowed

P.E. and Dance Classes – All Students

- Students may change into loose-fitting, plain or Hallstrom-related t-shirts and modest shorts (which reach to the tips of fingers when arms are at student's side) just before P.E. or dance classes.

- Students must change back into their dress code clothes immediately after class.

Additional Dress Code Policies

- No hats or caps are permitted to be worn inside the Crosspoint building.

- Clothes must be clean and not torn; no holes or fraying are allowed.

- Boys’ and girls’ hair must be worn so that the eyes are never covered.

- No midriff visible when arms are held up at the highest

- With the exception of women wearing earrings, the piercing of any body parts is unacceptable.

- No earrings are allowed for young men; other modest jewelry is acceptable.

- Tattoos are not allowed.

- At all HHSW events, students must not wear inappropriate style of dress including dressing in such a way as to willfully reject ones sex assigned at birth (Gen. 1:27)

Areas of dress not mentioned or defined in the above statements including modesty, will be left to Board members for interpretation and enforcement. 

Disciplinary Steps for Dress Code Infractions


  • Student comes to school out of dress code, or
  • Student comes to a Hallstrom sponsored event dressed inappropriately. While Hallstrom events do not always require dress code specific clothing, modest and appropriate clothing is required.




  • Written warning given to parent including hard copy of dress code.
  • Student sent home immediately to change.


  • Student sent home immediately to change.
  • Student issued formal citation; see Occurance 1 for Behavioral Infractions.
  • Student may not re-enter Hallstrom until citation is signed by both parent and student.


  • Student issued 2nd formal citation, see discipline infractions flow chart.
  • Student sent home immediately.
  • Prior to returning to school, meeting is required with parents, student and representatives of the board of directors to determine if a path forward works for all parties*.


Hallstroms primary purpose is to provide Christian education and support for one another as home schoolers. It is not to foster dating relationships. For this reason, we have implemented the following policy:

· No pairing off as couples is allowed on Hallstrom school days or at Hallstrom sponsored events.

· Public display of affection is not allowed.

· We want to encourage all students to develop healthy and Godly relationships one with another. Friendships without the pressures of dating will prove to be a valuable part of the teen years.

· Students will agree to not engage in behavior that suggests a willful violation of religious beliefs and practices of HHSW including engaging in sexual acts/relationships outside the confines of Biblical marriage and the rejection of one’s sex assigned by God at birth.



Hallstrom requires a 75% or higher attendance to classes. This is a bare minimum, and students will find that their success at Hallstrom will benefit from the in-class instruction. Check with each teacher for their absence/missed work policies.

Late or Incomplete Work

When registering for Hallstrom classes, both parents and students agree that all assigned work will be done on time and to the best of the students ability. Serious consequences of non-compliance include Academic Probation and dismissal from the co-op. Families should not ask teachers to accept work that is often late or incomplete. Plan ahead; your teachers can help you work ahead if you know you will be away on vacation or busy with another commitment (i.e. theatre production, robotics competition, etc.). The Hallstrom Board and teachers strictly enforce this policy.

Midterm Notices

Midterm reports are issued to families who are behind in teacher payments and will not be allowed to register for the next semester until all their teachers are paid in full. Midterm notices are also issued to 7 - 12 grade students who are incomplete in their assignments or below 70% in a class, this will put them on Adacemic Probation.

Academic Probation


  • Student has a grade of less than 70% in an academic class.





  • Student is placed on academic probation.
  • Teacher submits a Midterm Notice form to the board and parents, which outlines a plan moving forward.
  • Plan should include timeline and expectations.
  • If teacher has already attempted to implement a plan and that has not resulted in a passing grade, the parent and student and teacher will be asked to a meeting with representatives of the board to determine a path forward*.
  • If student represents Hallstrom on a FIRE team, that student will not be permitted to participate in FIRE program until the grade is brought back to 70% or higher.
  • If student represents Hallstrom on student council, student may be asked to step down from their duties until the grade is brought back to a 70% or higher.
  • If the student is using the Attend Alone priviledge, that will be rescinded and parent will need to resume attending on Tuesdays.
  • At any point, if the teacher determines the grade cannot be salvaged, student will be required to drop the class.


  • If the grade has not improved at the end of the 1st semester or by the timeline set by the teacher on the Midterm Notice, the student will not be allowed to register for that class’ 2nd semester.
  • Student will be required to drop the class.


The purpose of the Board is not to police or babysit your children. Families whose children are habitually not in compliance with the Hallstrom Code of Conduct will be asked to leave Hallstrom permanently. 

Disciplinary Steps for Behavioral Infractions


  • Student violates Code of Conduct guidelines which includes, but is not limited to: 

Disrespectful or disruptive behavior, threatening students, parents or staff, illegal use or possession of drugs or alcohol on or off campus, possession of weapons or firearms on campus or at Hallstrom events




  • 1st Formal Citation issued.
  • Student may not return to school until citation is signed by both a parent and student, then returned to a board member.
  • If student represents Hallstrom on a FIRE team, student may be asked to sit out of games for a predetermined amount of time set by Hallstrom Board of directors.
  • If student represents Hallstrom on student council, student may be may be asked to step down from their duties for a predetermined amount of time set by the Hallstrom Board of directors.
  • If the student is using the Attend Alone priviledge, that will be rescinded and parent will need to resume attending on Tuesdays.


  • 2nd Formal Citation issued.
  • Meeting required between parents, student and representatives of the board of directors to determine if a path forward works for all parties*.
  • Student may not return to Hallstrom or FIRE until the meeting has happened.


  • 3rd Formal Citation issued.
  • Student is expelled from Hallstrom.
  • Board of directors to vote to decide whether or not the family may return to Hallstrom based on whether or not a relationship will work going forward for all parties.

*Meetings between board representatives and parents/students will include at least two board members and will only take place during the regular Hallstrom business hours of Tuesdays, 8:00am-4:00pm. Board members will not respond to discipline issues during scheduled Hallstrom breaks.

**If during infractions number 1 or 2 the parents feel the student has been disciplined in a way that contradicts the outlined disciplinary steps, they may appeal to escalate the discipline to the Hallstrom Board as a whole. The board will hear the matter and take an official vote. That outcome will be the final decision. Board member representatives may escalate the matter to the Hallstrom Board as a whole at any time.

***Greater misconduct, occurring at Hallstrom or elsewhere, could result in immediate and permanent dismissal of a student and his/her family from Hallstrom. This includes but is not limited to: use of tobacco products, illegal drugs or alcohol, and posting or sending unacceptable information over the internet or via any social media, habitual disrespect at Hallstrom, or engaging in sexual acts that are not in accordance with Hallstrom’s Statement of Faith. The Board reserves the right to dismiss any student or family at any time to maintain high Biblical standards. Upon dismissal, the student will be provided with current grades, but access to Hallstrom classes and website will be extinguished.


Test Taking

· As a parent, I agree to administer tests at a time when I can observe the student throughout the test. Students may be alone in a separate room if I have ensured that all test-taking aids, including phones, have been removed and the student does not leave the room during the test. I will not review the test, nor will my student prior to the actual test-taking session. The student will not have access to notes, texts, or other helps during the test unless the test directions stipulate this is acceptable. I will give no help during the test other than clarifying instructions.

· As a student, I agree to not preview tests. I agree not to discuss test content with fellow class members until after the class period when all the tests are turned in. I will not use notes, texts, or other helps unless I am instructed to do so by my teacher. During in-class tests, I will not access and use another student’s test answers nor will I allow another student to access my answers.

Homework Answer Keys

· As a parent, I agree to limit my students access to the answer keys. Answer keys are to be used by the parents to grade a student’s work. Parents may choose to sit with a student and cooperatively grade a student’s work, but no answers shall be changed, and the parent should be present at all times (unless a teacher directs a student to rework incorrect problems, as in some math classes). With the exception of cooperative grading, I agree to prohibit access by my student to answer keys. If required by the teacher, my signature on the homework ensures this policy was followed.


· As a student, I agree to turn in only work I have completed without the help of other students unless the teacher specifically allows more than one student to complete an assignment together. I will not: copy answers from another student, exchange or compare answers with another student, or use answer keys to complete or correct my work. I also agree to follow the guidelines issued regarding plagiarism and cheating. I agree that all papers, reports, charts, and other written work will be properly credited if they are someone else’s work.

· As a parent, I agree to sign or initial homework only if it is complete and the work is that of my student. I understand that it is my responsibility to supervise and give the needed level of support to my students each week to ensure their work is done to the best of their ability.

Disciplinary Steps for Academic Infractions


  • Student violates Code of Conduct by cheating or plagiarizing work including the improper use of AI tools.




  • 1st and 2nd Formal Citation issued (academic citations are counted as double).
  • Student may not return to school until citation is signed by student and parent.
  • If student represents Hallstrom on a FIRE team, student will be asked to sit out of games for a predetermined amount of time set by Hallstrom Board of directors.
  • If student represents Hallstrom on student council, student will be asked to step down from their duties.
  • If the student is using the Attend Alone priviledge, that will be rescinded and parent will need to resume attending on Tuesdays.


  • 3rd Formal Citation issued.
  • Student is expelled from Hallstrom.
  • Board of directors to vote to decide whether or not the family may return to Hallstrom based on whether or not a relationship will work going forward*.


Parental Involvement

It is important to remember that Hallstrom is a cooperative effort on the part of parents, their children, and teachers. Parents must diligently monitor all their children’s Hallstrom work (including their high school students) to ensure that homework and projects are well-done, complete, and turned in when due. This is the parents’ responsibility and agreement with Hallstrom when registering for classes.

Parental Presence

A parent from each family must be present in the building whenever your child(ren) are in the building. After completing your weekly Service Job, your signature in the Volunteer Binder at the board table tells us you have completed your Service Job and are also present in the building with your children. Please do not habitually leave your students under the care of another parent and leave the premises. The board needs you in the building to connect you with your children if the need arises. The only students who can be left alone are those who have applied for and been granted “attend-alone” status, which requires they are 16 years old, have been a student with Hallstrom for a year or more, and are in good standing with the Board and teachers. Note: this is an applied-for privilege that must be approved by the Board at the beginning of each school year. If the Board is noticing that this caveat in parental presence is being abused, we will contact you to discuss the matter.

Attending Classes/Parent Classroom Etiquette

As your childrens primary teachers, parents may need to regularly attend your childs classes to monitor and help with weekly assignments, ensuring that all weekly assignments are completed, and, in general, stay in close contact with all your children’s teachers. However, parents are not to ask questions during class or participate in class discussions unless specifically invited to do so by the teacher. Parents should never converse with other parents in the back of a classroom or use cell phones during a class.


This is one of the most important aspects of the agreement Hallstrom has with Crosspoint Church. It is critical that all Hallstrom families bear this in mind. If you or your child makes a mess, clean it up immediately. Vacuums are stored in the closet in Fellowship Hall, and there is carpet cleaner in case of spills. See a board member for any other cleaning needs. In general, NO food or drinks (except water bottles) are allowed outside of the Fellowship Hall, except in the gym and café during the lunch period. We ask that each family cleans the area they occupy before they leave for the day.

Service Jobs

There are many weekly duties at Hallstrom. There is no way that all the work can be done by the board members and teachers. Parents who are not teachers will be assigned either a weekly Service Job or an event to help plan and execute. Hallstrom parents who teach a Hallstrom class are not required to do a Service Job. Sign in at the Board table after you have completed your Service Job each week.

Parents who have applied to have their 16-year-old or older students attend without a parent pay an additional $100 fee per semester unless the parent performs a service job.

Leaving the Building

Should an emergency or illness arise, parents must have another parent agree to be responsible for their child(ren) if they have to leave for part of the day. You must sign out with a Board member at the Board table before leaving your child(ren) in the care of another adult. Parents are asked not to abuse this option.


All visitors, including Hallstrom alumni, must check in at the Board table and sign the visitor’s log.


Hallstrom has been holding classes at Crosspoint Church, previously Temple Baptist, since the fall of 1998. We owe a great debt to the people of Crosspoint Church for their kindness and generosity to us. We praise the Lord for the good working relationship with which He has blessed us, and we ask all our families to do everything in their power to ensure the continuation of this good relationship.

Crosspoint Church requests the following of all Hallstrom families:

• Please remind your children weekly that they are meeting in a church and should show their respect in how they act and how they treat the churchs property.

• NO food or drink (except water bottles) is allowed in any rooms except Fellowship Hall. NO purple or red juices. NO gum. Any drinks you bring into the Fellowship Hall need to have a secure cap.

• Park only in the back parking lots (south side of building facing park). The front parking spaces (north side of building facing East State Street) need to be left open for use by Crosspoint Church.

• Enter only through the main glass doors on the south side. No other doors are to be propped open at any time. Do not let anyone in the building by the Gym door (the Crosspoint Church staff controls this entrance).

• The main doors are protected by a security system. You will need an app on your phone or a key fob in order to enter the building. The app is free; key fobs are $5.25. See a board member for the app or key fob.

• Know where your children are at all times. No one is to be wandering the halls during class time or during Chapel. Hallstrom is a Closed Campus which means no students are allowed outside without an adult.

• The Sanctuary is off limits except for Chapel time and scheduled classes.

• No running or loud talking in the halls.

• Crosspoint Church also cautions all parents that their East State Street location and the park behind the church are very public areas which draw many kinds of people. Children and teens allowed outside need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

• No skateboarding, longboarding, rollerblading on Crosspoint Church property.

• Kitchen Use: Please limit your personal use of the kitchen to the microwaves.