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F.I.R.E. General Information and Eligibility


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Homeschool families interested in participating in F.I.R.E. Sports must go through the Hallstrom Homeschool Workshops application process by clicking the “Join” button in the top right corner. Students are not required to enroll in a Hallstrom academic class to participate in a Rockford F.I.R.E. sports team. We currently offer boys' basketball, girls' basketball, and girls' volleyball.

Online registration for sports programs opens in late May, and new players must go through the application process before registering. Current Hallstrom families or returning Sports-Only families should register during their specified registration time.

Tryouts may be conducted and are at the A.D. and coaches' discretion.

General Eligibility Requirements

All players must be home-schooled for at least 51% of their current education.

The Rockford F.I.R.E. adheres to the NCHC guidelines and eligibility requirements. Full NCHC guidelines and eligibility requirements may be found here. By registering for Rockford F.I.R.E., you are agreeing that your student is eligible according to NCHC standards. If your player is not eligible according to these standards, the program will be removed from the NCHC conference; therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the requirements and fully adhere to them. If you have a question about eligibility, please contact your team's athletic director.

Students who are enrolled in Hallstrom academic classes:

• must have a 70% or higher grade in all Hallstrom academic classes.
• must have a 75% or higher attendance record for Hallstrom classes.
• may not participate in games and possibly practices while on academic probation.

Once a student has been listed as a ninth grader, that student will be limited to the next four consecutive seasons of participation. A tenth-grade student has three more seasons of participation. An eleventh-grade student has two more seasons of participation. A twelfth-grade student has one season to participate.

Any student reaching the age of 19 before August 1, shall not be eligible for participation in Rockford F.I.R.E. sports.

Once a student has graduated or gone through a graduation ceremony, he/she will no longer qualify for a Rockford F.I.R.E. sports team regardless of his/her age.

Any student who is under disciplinary action and transfers from a public, private, or another home school program/co-op must wait one year before he/she is eligible to participate in Rockford F.I.R.E. sports.

Sports physicals are required by all players and are only good for 395 days. Player sports physicals must be submitted to the team athletic director before the player can begin practicing with their team.

Specific eligibility requirements and program details can be found by hovering over the Rockford F.I.R.E. menu button to the left and selecting the desired sport.