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Hallstrom Fees

Hallstrom Registration Fees (all fees are per semester)

  • $15 Class Fee (per student, per semester, max of $75/family)
  • $22 Student Fee (per student, per semester)
  • $65 Base Fee (per family, per semester)
  • Registration fees are payable, in one check to Hallstrom or on our website at both fall and spring registrations. Registration fees are non-refundable; if it is decided to drop classes or students after registration fees are paid, no refund is given. These fees cover the costs such as rent, cleaning, insurance, administration and supplies.

Additional Fees (all fees are per semester)

  • $25 Late Registration Fee (per family; per semester)
  • $100 Attending Alone Fee (16-year-old students or older; Board-approved application required; per semester fee)
  • $15 Returned Check Fee (per returned item)
  • $100 opt out of service job fee (parent must remain in the building, but chooses to opt out of the service job. There are a limited number of opt out positions available.)

Teacher Fees

Hallstrom registration fees do not cover teacher fees. The teacher fees listed in the handbook are per semester fees and are determined by each teacher. We ask that you be prompt in paying your teachers their required fees by making a payment of some kind (either in full, half, or a monthly amount determined by your teacher) by the third Tuesday of each semester. If you are making monthly payments to your teachers, those payments are due the first Tuesday of each month. There is a Teacher Payment Schedule under the link labeled “Forms”. If you pay in person, there is a teacher payment envelope in each teacher’s family file. Some teachers have PayPal or other online payment options available.

Families whose teacher fees are not paid in full will not be allowed to register for the next semester’s classes. Families who are habitually late in paying teacher fees may be asked to pre-pay all teacher fees in full for future semesters. Families should never ask a teacher to waive teacher fees; please contact the Hallstrom Board for information regarding financial assistance.

NOTE: The second Tuesday of each semester is Add/Drop Day. If you have not dropped a class by 4:00 p.m. on Add/Drop Day, you are responsible for all the teacher fees for that semester, whether or not you withdraw from the class.

Financial Help- Scrip Program

The Hallstrom Board offers SCRIP fundraising to all Hallstrom families to fund part or all of each family’s registration and teacher fees and to help cover Hallstrom’s administrative costs. Families buy SCRIP gift cards to local businesses; both Hallstrom and the family receive a small rebate for each dollar spent. Local businesses participating in the SCRIP program include many grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and retailers in the Rockford area. SCRIP cards may be ordered in advance for Tuesday pick-up, purchased on Tuesdays at Hallstrom, or purchased online/via mobile app for immediate use.

Your friends and family members may also purchase SCRIP cards. Their family portion of the rebates will go to you, the current Hallstrom family, to apply to your Hallstrom registration and teacher fees. With a minimal amount of pre-planning, some, if not all, of your registration and teacher fees can be recovered by the rebates earned when purchasing SCRIP cards. There is no out-of-pocket expense to families, as you receive the full amount you spend on each SCRIP card. Contact Laura Harland, [email protected], our SCRIP Coordinator, for more information.